Help: Crazy Race Arena

To Play the car game 'Crazy Race Arena': You drive a car of in a sport arena and your objective is to destroy to all the things that are put to you ahead. Your goal is to destroy the other car. Destroy the boxes and collect points!
How to play:

Crazy Race Arena

Game Boxes

Radiation burst

Radiation burst.

Life - 20%

Fire Blast

Fire Blast.

Life - 10%

Box 3 Box 4 Box 5 Points

Box 7

Medicine chest.

Life +25%

Play area:

Picture 4

A 3D flash racing game. Select your Car and Area.

Screen2 Take the wheel of a car in a mad fairground competing to survive to the next round.
Enter your Nickname Enter your Nickname or Name Save points If you WIN!

After your victory, click "Submit"

to see all scores, click on this button

Click on "Scores" to see all the Scores.

Your results you can see here.

All Scores

Your results you can see here.

Screen1 Accelerator

This equipment shows what kind of speed your car.

An engine's power can be increased or decreased.



This equipment show in the direction of the location of your enemy

Screen3 Sound

You can disable or enable sound



You can press pause and stop the game

Help Help

In the Help section you can see which keys will help you for driving your car.

UP- Accelerate
Down- Turn Back
Right- Turn Right
Left- Turn Left
Exit Exit

To exit the game click on "Exit" button.