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System Requirements:
  1. Operating system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  2. Processor speed: 1 GHz CPU
  3. RAM: 512 Mb RAM
  4. Disk space(uncompressed): 37 MB
  5. Graphics Card: 32 Mb 3D video card
  6. Sound Card: onboard soundcard or soundblaster
  7. DirectX version: 7 or later


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FishCo (Windows - English)

Raise fish with FishCo! Breed, raise and sell freshwater fish to become successful in the world of professional fishkeeping! Unlock new fish and plants, upgrade your lighting and filters as you make your way through 40 exciting levels!

40 exciting levels in Action Mode Play at your own pace in Relax Mode
Customize your own tank in Sandbox mode 12 unique freshwater plants