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Five Card Deluxe

Five Card Deluxe
System Requirements:
  1. Operating system: Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP , Vista
  2. Processor speed: Pentium II, 1000 MHz
  3. RAM: 512 Mb RAM
  4. Disk space(uncompressed): 40 MB
  5. Graphics Card: 16 Mb 3D video card
  6. Sound Card: onboard soundcard or soundblaster
  7. DirectX version: 8 or later

Five Card Deluxe

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Five Card Deluxe(Windows - English)

Flip those cards! The perfect blend of solitaire and poker!

Form poker hands to score points and advance to the next level in this challenging card game. Test your poker skills and earn wild cards in Joker's Wild. Running short on time? The save feature lets you leave off where you are and come back later for more card shuffling fun!

If you like solitaire or poker then you'll love Five Card Deluxe. Place cards to form poker hands and score points. Try each of the four game modes and find your favorite!

Have fun!

Five Card Deluxe Five Card Deluxe
Five Card Deluxe Five Card Deluxe