Kaptain Brawe Complete Edition

Kaptain Brawe Complete Edition

Kaptain Brawe Complete Edition reveal the greatest conspiracy in the Space Age
System Requirements:
  1. Operating system: Windows XP, Vista or 7
  2. Processor speed: Pentium III, 1 GHz CPU
  3. RAM: 256 MB RAM
  4. Disk space(uncompressed): 350 MB
  5. Graphics Card: 32 Mb 3D video card
  6. Sound Card: onboard soundcard or soundblaster
  7. DirectX version: 8 or later

Kaptain Brawe Complete Edition (Windows - English)

$ 19.95

Kaptain Brawe Complete Edition(Windows - English)

Step in to the world of interstellar travel, where Space Pirateslurkateverycorner. KaptainBrawe, a Space Police officerwill embarkon a journey filled with quests, conspiracies and general chaos, ashe follows the lead of two kidnappedalienscientists. Set in a beautiful, hand drawn alternative 19th century world, KaptainBrawe'scartoon appearance will suit younger, as well as mature players, who enjoy games filled with humorous storyline and challenging puzzles.

travel and explore 4 planets be part of an intriguing and hilarious storyline
meet the space pirates, Interstellar government, secret agents and more 2 game modes (core gamer/casual gamer)