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The Fall Trilogy Chapter 2 Reconstruction

Great nonlinear game play
System Requirements:
  1. Operating system: XP, Vista
  2. Processor speed: 1 GHz
  3. RAM: 512 Mb RAM
  4. Disk space(uncompressed): 165 MB
  5. Graphics Card: 128 Mb
  6. Sound Card: onboard soundcard or soundblaster
  7. DirectX version: 9 or later

The Fall Trilogy Chapter 2 Reconstruction

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The Fall Trilogy Chapter 2 Reconstruction(Windows - English)

After a fall, you wake up in a skyscraper where an unknown contact briefs you for a mission

You were previously stuck in an old temple, trying to recover your memory. After facing several challenges, you were close to rejoin your family but you fall again!

You wake up this time in a skyscraper and a strange contact guides you through this new adventure. Your mission is to collect an USB key's.

You will continue to find clues about your identity. You will get convinced that the sooner you will achieve your mission, the sooner you will be with your son and your wife again.

Will you overstep the new challenges that await you?

Intriguing adventure Challenging puzzles
Photorealistic graphics with 16/9 support Terrific soundtracks