Description: Antarktis Tower Defense

In the game "Battle of Antarctica" thou shalt thy icy kingdom from the attacking penguins defend. Your main objective is to destroy all your enemies by placing towers at the available zones. The available units are highlighted at the bottom of the game. Click and place them from where you want to fire the enemies. You will be rewarded with additional amount of money every time you kill enemies.
Use your funds to purchase more weapons, towers and upgrades.
Prevent your enemies from entering our territory.
You can speed up your every wave by clicking speed symbol on the top.
Your stats are available on the botton screen with details.
You can view the damage done and the fire rate graphs of a weapon.
You can sell your tower to upgrade the old one or to purchase new unit.
Check your health bar oon top screen. Best of Luck! Can you make it stop the Penguin Army?

Gameplay video: