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Description: Wasteland Defender
Futuristic tower defense based on tower leveling. Towers gain every level more damage or increase their abilities.
Lots of towers to build, achievements and upgrades.
Game contains 4 game modes and 6 different maps.
Use upgrades and different towers to get achievements and highest score.
Score is counted from achievement bonuses and for killing enenies.
Gun, machine gun tower, sniper towers are basic towers.
Fire tower set enemies on fire. Fire effect stacks.
Poison tower effect stacks too. Frost tower slows enemies. Shock tower stops enemies for a little while. Cannons have splash damage effect. Golden towers gain money for every shot. Flame towers don’t have splash effect, but have very powerful fire damage and fire ratio. Every tower effect can be upgraded. Free continue of successful Fujitsu Defender.


Gameplay video: