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Description: Knight Age Christmas
2D action game, based on 'Knight Age. Jousting', but with a christmas theme. You can choose a 'knight' to fight and upgrade your equipment with a lot of hilarious options. Funny and detailed art, and an easy gameplay will help you to have a nice time at your free time.
How to play:
1) Choose your character
2) Click in the map, check the flag position
3) Prepare for battle, :)
1) Left click at any spot of the screen to select your speed, trying to click closest to the "fast" word. More speed, more strong the hit
2) When you are running, Left Click will release the lance, release before the countdown get to "One".
3) Use the Left Click to balance your lance (many many times!), try to aim to the little white ellipses, at the left border of the screen.
4) Beat your enemy and buy upgrades!!


Gameplay video: