Description: Warlords 2 Rise of Demons

  • Complete graphics overhall

    • Siege Levels: attack castles by scaling the wall using ladders and attack it directly using catapults and other siege engines
    • Visual upgrades, e.g. when you buy a helmet for your swordsman, it appears on his head in battle
    • New, unique units for every race making strategy more varied and interesing
    • Special attacks: Run at the enemy to deliver stronger first attack, advance with a shield raised to defelct arrows and other special attacks that allow a wider variety of tactics
    • Magic Casters: Purchase units that can be upgraded to cast devastating spells e.g. lightning, tornados, sickess, terror, mind control + many more
    • Cast of voice actors to bring the races to life a bit, and help set the tone of the game
    • Custom composed dramatic music
    • Improved AI, allows players to win early while making it feel like they have to work for it. Will challenge players later on in the game.
    • 28 Levels per race. Can provide hours of gameplay.
    • 2 Player local campaign, take turns to attack and defend on the same computer.

Gameplay video: