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Description: HeliCrane 2 Bomber

HeliCrane 2 Bomber

HeliCrane 2 Bomber is military version of popular game HeliCrane.
You have to take personal control of powerful military helicopter armed of really deadly weapons. Use rapidly rotating rotor of copter and every existing calibers to destroy terrorist car.
Exclude enemy to reach the destination. There are complex obstacles, massed fire and pressing speed of car. Earn much more coins and bonuses from the accurate shoots.
The pursuit is happening in front of the post apocalyptical countryside background and is decorated with realistic physics. So finally, now it’s the best time to try it!
Game features:
- 9 levels with different levels of difficult;
- 5 types of military helicopters;
- 4 types of enemy cars;
- system of earning coins and bonuses;
- different post apocalyptical countryside;
- realistic physics;
- saving of users progress.
- use the arrow keys or "ASDW" to control helicopter;
- use mouse for aiming and shooting.


Gameplay video: