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Description: Strafe WW2 Western Front
Become a World War II fighter pilot and dogfight your way through many stages in western part of Europe.
Control: Arrow keys to move, Space to shoot.
Fly for five participating air forces and maneuver over 30 different types of aircraft. Work together with your wing men and fight the Battle of Britain, or participate in the invasion at Normandy and move deep into the heart of the Reich. Strafe is an aerial combat game packed with non-stop action. Use all your cunning, tactics and skills to overcome wave after wave of incoming enemies including the famous aircraft like Supermarine Spitfire, Messerschmitt BF109, North-American Mustang, Douglas DC3 Dacota and the very first jet fighters to ever see in action. Supported by original historical footage, Strafe tried to bring historical events of all the aerial conflicts happened in the western front during World War 2.
40 Levels : The Nederlands, Belgium, France (including Dunkirk and Normandy), England and Germany

Includes famous airplanes like the : Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane, P51 Mustang, Messerschmit BF109, Messerschmit ME262 and many more.

With the level editor : you can create your own missions and fly every aircraft in the game, that includes all the German aircraft.

Historical facts : Supported by original historical footage.


Gameplay video: