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Description: Bunny Flags 2
Bunny Flags 2. Controls
Attack incoming enemies by aiming and firing your main weapon and using your equipment. Kill enemies to earn money to build tower and to earn rage and call in support.
-Mouse Click- Fire weapon.
-Space- Use equipment.
-W- Move up.
-A- Move left.
-S- Move down.
-D- Move right.
-1- Plant Barricade.
-2- Plant Pistol Tower.
-3- Plant Freeze Tower.
-4- Plant Venom Tower.
-5- Plant Rocket Tower.
-6- Call in Health Package.
-7- Call in Chopper Gunner.
-8- Call in Bombardier.
-9- Call in Mortar Attack.
-0- Call in Atomic Bomb.
-P- Options.
-F- Next Wave.
+ Speed up.
- Speed down.
If your keyboard is not QWERTY, you can change its type in the options menu.


Gameplay video: