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Description: Colony Age Robot Outbreak
Colony Age: Robot Outbreak. You are robot fighting hostile intruders which are invading your space ship! Prepare your weapons and roll into action!
Control Info:
Arrows and WASD – Movement
Mouse – Targeting and firing
R - Restart Level
Shift – Change Gun (Can be also change using mouse)
Space – Change between Laser Tool, Magnet Tool and Gun (Can be also change using mouse)
1 – Gun
2 – Laser Tool (When unlocked)
3 – Magnet Tool (When unlocked)
6 – Plasma Gun
7 – Plasma Machine-Gun (When unlocked)
8 – Grenade Laucher (When unlocked)
9 – Plasma Cannon (When unlocked)
0 – Rocket Launcher (When unlocked)
F – Secret Weapon (When unlocked)
Enter – Start wave (Can be also started using mouse)
H – Tutorial Help
In this game you're controlling robot.
Robot has 7 different main weapons to shoot down hostile robots and objects.
Laser tool – Automatically switches to destructive laser or welding laser:
Laser (red laser) can be used to cut through obstacles and to destroy enemy bots.
Welder tool (blue laser) is used to fix and construct ally turrets and robots.
Shield is used to absorb damage from hostiles.
Magnet allows to grab and drag crates, mines, turrets and several other things.
Robot can be customized.
Wheels - (Health and speed bonuses)
Head - (Weapon)
Chassis - (Health and speed bonuses)
Lights - (Visually)
Game has Upgrade system.
Achievements system
Perk system - bonuses that can be gained by earning score.
There are several types of enemies, from ground turrets & lasers to raging enemy tank bots.
Game will feature Highscores
User friendly basics animated tutorials.


Gameplay video: