Description: Endless War 7

  • Take command of historically accurate tanks in some of the most important battles of World War 2 as you fight for freedom!
    Upgrade your abilities, call in air support to deliver punishing fire to the enemy, and unlock new and better tanks as you single-handedly turn the tide of battle! Instructions:
    Space Air support.
    Q Previous turret.
    E Next turret.
    G Previous weapon.
    F Next weapon.
    WASD Move.
    This war is heating up - so keep on your toes and don't let up off that trigger!
    Tips and Tricks
    Never Done Roaming - The easiest way to get dead is to stop moving. So don't stop!
    Trusted Mechanic - Powering up your vehicles between missions can give you life-saving (and death-dealing!) advantages over the enemy!

Gameplay video: