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Description: Dragon princess
You play as a fire mage who fights monsters and completes quests in a dungeon with the help of her friends. Also activate bombs, break pottery for gold and meet a mysterious person...
Story: The Dragon Clan is the strongest clan in the whole magic land. It's respected by other mage clans and feared by evil creatures.
The clan has been keeping peace for years by protecting the talisman of huge power called The Dragon Heart.
One day it was stolen and is kept by the Lord of the Evil who is preparing an attack on humanity. The huge power of the Dragon Heart is going to determine the winner of the war.
Mila - the strongest mage of the clan is going to the Dark Lord's dungeon to retrieve the talisman. She with her own talisman of a similar nature - The Dragon Eye is going to change the fate of the magic land.
Controls: mouse only or mouse for shooting and WASD or arrow keys for movement (can be switched in the options menu).
16 levels with 3 boss levels
3 areas with different enemies
shop with upgrades
6 companions, you can form your team after all of them are unlocked
different combinations of quests on each level


Gameplay video: