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Description: Fishing Hunting for Trophy
Where to start?
Thorny path newborn fisherman begins with the first location "Forest Brook", where he forcibly throw to familiarize themselves with the basic game moments.
In the starter kit has everything needed - fishing tackle, bait, three loaves of bread and a couple of bottles of beer. Enough for a start, but for the continued existence, you’ll need the money.
Source of income in the game is to sell the fish caught.
How to prepare a fishing rod?
The game has two types of fishing gear: a float and spinnng.
In order to assemble - open the backpack, then the rod and sequentially install it (the reel), fishing line, hook / spoon / bait. Ingredients:
To float gear: a float rod, fishing line, hook and bait. For spinning tackle: spinning rod, reel, line and spoon.


Gameplay video: