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Description: Baby Sophia Outdoor Bath
Sophia is a pretty girl. She might be hardly six years old now. She has never been to any party since childhood. Yesterday, Mary the friend of Sophia came to visit her. Day after tomorrow Mary is going to celebrate her birthday. She came primarily to invite the whole family. Everyone would come to the party neatly dressed. So sad, that the mom of Sophia is not good at makeover. Will you come to her aid? The whole day be with the kid and help her out until she leaves for the celebration. First of all do the brushing. Help the kid apply paste on the brush, properly. After that, handover water to the girl to gargle. See to that the kid does things properly. Now accompany her to the room and get ready for bath. Pour water and wash the head using shampoo. And then rinse the head thoroughly. Please do apply soap in order to remove body odour of the girl. After the bath wipe the body and the hair with the towel. With the hair-dryer, dry the hair. Apply oil and give a gentle massage to the kid. To add more colour to the face, apply the powder. A few things have to be kept where they were. Replace things like, flower vase and toys. At the end adorn the girl with a pretty dress, glittering earring, and necklace and so on and so forth. Thank you so much for helping the girl. Indirectly, you have reduced the burden of the Mom of Sophia. She is very much obliged to you.


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