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Description: Summer puppy love
It is on a lovely sunny summer day, during their daily walk in the park, that these two pooches fell... deeply in love with one another! Play the Summer Puppy Love dress up game.

So, shall we start the puppy head to... paw makeover with the male doggy? Strive to help him impress his adorable date by giving him a nice fur color, first, maybe even a cute patterned one, if you prefer. Then, style him up with a sparkly chic or a candy colored dog collar, too, and next decide upon a lovely chic puppy outfit for him, as well! Is not this like one the cutest animal dress up games that you have ever played? What would you say about a rainbow-like matching top and puff shorts combo? You could as well dress up the sweet doggy with a chic paws patterned top and go for some comfy chic navy blue little pants or maybe get him a so very trendy summery look opting for a striped t-shirt and some green short pants, it is up to you. Next, help him pick some tiny chic shoes, too, ones that should add the final touch of style to his look and then work your skill on his sweetheart, too! With two heart-melting cute pooches (instead of just one) for you to style up, this game here deserves to get added to your top favorite animal dress up games list, does not it? Pull off a so very pretty pastel colored or candy colored summer fashion look for her, too, keeping in mind to enhance her puppy cuteness with a lovely head bow, too. Select a cute present, too, for the now so very stylish male puppy to surprise his charming date with, such as some amazing heart-shaped balloons or a lovely wrapped gift and the cute puppy couple will be so ready to impress one another, with their new cute chic fashion looks, on their very first date!


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