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Description: Fish Fun

Fish Fun

Your objective is to maintain an aquarium, keep your fishes healthy and find all 30 species of fish. You can buy 7 fishes at Shop, but you can have different species by breeding them. Take a look at your Journal to find out about the fishes that can be bred. Buy a hand vacuum to clean your tank, fish food and vitamins to feed your fishes, and of course a breed bowl in order to raise new fishes! Do not forget to buy plants to make your aquarium look attractive. Happy fishing!.......
Start by buying some fish food. click the shop button and then click the supplies tab, then buy some basic food. You will also need to buy the hand vacuum to clean your tank.
Now that you have food and a vacuum you can buy your first fish. Click the fish tab on the shop screen and buy a fish.
Great, now you will need to water for it to grow. Once it is 6 days old you can breed it with another fish by buying a breeding bowl. You can also sell your fish at any time. The older your fish get the more money they will be worth. Also a healthy fish is worth more than an unhealthy fish.
To keep your fish healthy you will need to keep they tank clean. This meter shows how clean your tank is. The more fish you have the faster it will get dirty. you can use your vacuum at any time to clean your tank.


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