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Description: Sudoku Safari
In safari mode, you will come across different animals that will modify your play, and will make it really exciting! They may rip off sheets from your notebook or block certain blocks whenever you make a noticeable mistake.
Besides the classic mode, there are two new ways to play sudoku like you have never payed before! And even an adventure mode!
Adventure mode:
You will play as Dr. Zebra through an exciting excursion into the heart of Africa. Your task will consist on discovering the lifestyle of each creature you encounter, for which you will have to complete your notebook with numbers that indentify each animal and its activities.
Your tour will be limited to a previously defined duration (between 15 min and 2 hours). The faster you resolve the grids, the more animals you will be able to find.
But time is not your only issue. You will come across different animals that will complicate your way. Some will make you lose time, others will rip off sheets from your notebook - making you loose anotations - and others will simply surprise you.
For any trouble, you will have the assistance from Nino, a little monkey that knows enough about bussiness.
The king mode is probably the most fun of all. It is a new way to play sudoku, where you are given a targeted cell to complete in less than a minute (highlighted in blue). If you enter the correct number, the timer will stop and you can continue to complete the puzzle grid until the next targeted cell is designated (one per minute, starting at 1:00).
You can complete other normal cells while you try to guess the targeted cell, but be careful not to run out of time.
If you fail to guess the correct number or the time ends before you input anything, then the hole box of cells (3x3) where the target is, will be blocked for 20 seconds by the king of the jungle.


Gameplay video: