Description: Parisian Romance

  • Parisian Romance

    Fabien is madly in love with his girlfriend Caroline. He has a plan to propose to her in a traditional way. Fabien is in the house of his grandmother and must find the following items.
    Caroline is a wonderful girl and I’m with her for many years. I think it’s time to crown this love with marriage, but I want to do that in a traditional way, it’s a custom in my family for many generations before me.
    My grandmother is not alive anymore and I caan’t know where exactly are the items that are necessary for the wedding, but I will fing them.
    Slowly but carefully I’m searching the entire house, some of the items I already found, I need just the flower that the bride wears in her hair...
    ...This is the balcony on which when I was small, I would spend the most of the day. From here I had the most beautiful view of the town, that is why on this balcony I want to propose marriage to Caroline.

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