Description: Getaway Driver School

High-speed infinite driving action.
An endless runner game in the vein of Temple Run, Canabalt, and Subway Surfers.
Barreling down a long-abandoned, disaster-struck bridge, train to become the ultimate pro Getaway Driver!
With a straight-forward, 2-button gameplay scheme, and a strong, color-blocking minimalist aesthetic, GDS fuses deceptively simple mechanics with rhythm-timing-based play. Aim for top scores, upgrade unlocks, and achievements!
GDS is the first game I've ever created, feedback is much appreciated, Hope you have a great time playing it! Instructions:

*Mouse*: select menu items.
*Left*: shift to left lane.
*Right*: shift to right lane.
*Up*: Play/Pause/Restart game.
Rack up the points by crashing through the orange pylons to build up your combo chain! Unlock upgrades in the shop to fuel your mad driving skills!

Author: jonathangersam

Gameplay video: