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Description: Zoo Parking
Zoo Parking. Use your arrow keys to drive and your space bar to brake and try to complete all the missions thrown your way in each level. You will have to learn how to park your car correctly, collect coins all over the map and even connect a trailer to your car which you can use as a tow truck. The trailer will have some big cages on it which will be very helpful when transporting the animals from one space to another. The animals sometimes get sick too, so you will have to look for a medical kit and take it to the animals in need and cure them. Just make sure you are very careful while driving because there is always the danger of hitting one of these sweet creatures, especially if you have to drive directly through their cage. There are three type of environments in your zoo to suit all the animals: a forest, a desert and a polar zone. Keep your vehicle safe and complete each level before the time runs out. Have an incredible time playing this awesome game!


Gameplay video: