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Description: Wild West Sheriff Rage
Play the most fun classic cowboy shooting games online. Maybe you’re a cowgirl or cowboy in your heart, but you were born in a time when the Wild West has disappeared. You dream of roaming the plains on horseback, playing cards in a saloon, and waking up each morning ready for an adventure are gone. But wait, is the Wild West really gone. In which you can experience the thrill of western adventure that took place in Tombstone, Arizona in the 1880’s. In the game you will play with our favorite Sheriff called Pat Garrett. He is known as hero because he gunned down one of the biggest outlaws of the West, Billy the Kid. So let the adventure start take your gun and your old western machine gun and start roaming the cities at dawn in the morning when the bad guys are looking to break into people houses and steal their goods. In this fun 3D action shooting game you must survive twenty levels filled with outlaw people that will shoot you on site because you one the sheriff star. Use W,A,S,D to move and mouse to aim and shoot fast you can hold click two and zoom your gun to shoot from distance. Run fast or sprint to avoid bullets and try to take cover or hide behind objects. Use 1,2,3 keys to change between weapons and make sure you never run out of bullets in a fight! Press R to reload fast and easy the gun. If you are surrounded by a gang of thieves you can roll over or roll sides ways and try to escape faster. Enjoy the thrill of wild vest the old building the dusty roads and we hope you enjoy this fun epic old school survival cowboy game. Make sure you play the game set in the graphic that fits your computer... to have the game as smooth going as possible one wrong shoot can cost your life..;)) You can easy change the graphics settings from high to low and medium making the shooting experience a blast..! Enjoy our exclusive awesome 3D cowboy game and make sure your check our website for more exciting games prepared online here. Good luck! Features Stunning 3D graphics with awesome Wild West fillings brought by the game. A lot of types of outlaws with different abilities. Large scale desert maps with plenty of places to explore. Smooth controls and fun to play. Fast and easy quality adjustment from the game.


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