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Description: Backwater Fishing

Backwater Fishing - a sport online game

Relax and enjoy Backwater Fishing at This fishing game is a great way to spend a while. In game you can catch Bowfin, Bluegill, Redhorse, Golden, Redhorse, Snakehead, Velifer, Peacock, Bass, Outthroat and other. In Backwater Fishing game you provides the new fishing rods, fishing baits and fishing area. To catch fish at lake, you’ll need a fishing rod and some bait (See Help). To do this, left-click on the fishing spot and select the Baits. On different baits it is possible to catch different fishes. You can look on each lake what there to be found fish. You can catch so much fish, how many you will be able and earn points. And you will be able to buy additional baits, rods, places. Have fun!


Gameplay video: