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Description: Willow Pond 2
Willow pond 2 is a continuation of the exciting beauty of the first part of the fishing simulator willow pond. The second part is different from the first not only new places, but also changed fishing gear and the number of new colorful places to stay. Willow Pond 2 it is a colorful fishing simulator. This is the most quiet place to relax and dive into the fishing paradise. Fishing game Willow pond 2 immerses you deep into the fun and beauty of Lake fishing. In the game are hiding the most large fish and are new beautiful places. This is the closest you can get to real fishing from the comfort of your own office. The more fish you catch, the more will get the money in the Willow pond 2 Lake Fishing Series game. With this money you can buy new places, the lures, the fishing rods. In the game Willow pond you can catch: Crucian, White Amur, Silver Bream, Burbot, Carp, Silver Carp, Eel, Pike, Ide, Perch, Roach, Tench. The game Willow pond 2 uses 24 lures, 7 types of the fishing rods, and 12 places. This game is completely free! How to play: Point the cursor place for throwing baits and click on your mouse button. When the fish gets in your hook, then on the screen, in the upper left corner, the image will be fish. Try to pull the fish out of the water. Pay attention to the line tension of the fishing line (on the left side of the screen). If the scale turns red, it means that the fish is very much pulls the fishing line and fishing line can break. To save the results, click to "Scores" -> Click to "Submit" button -> Enter your Nickname -> "Ok"


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