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Description: Heat Sand Race

Play Heat Sand Race online

It is a 3D race full of action and adrenaline and your goal: destroying other racing cars in the battle racing, and be the first at the finish in the circuit races.
Fasten your seat-belt into this awesome racing games "Heat Sand Race" and roll on the track, chasing other cars.
Choose your car, track, and be the first at the finish. Overtake other cars and finish 1st!
Win all races to move up the driving ranks and unlock better custom racing cars.
1 car is free and another 6 cars can be unlocked within the game.
The game features 6 tracks separated in circuit races (1,3,5 levels - round tracks with 5,6,7 laps) and battle races (2,4,6 levels - no rules, as fast as possible destroy other cars).
Speed across gigantic maps with oil rigs, old skeletons of old dinosaurs, canyons, and bizarre terrain.
Find out yourself which tracks you like most!

How to play Heat Sand Race
Arrow key left = turn left
Arrow key right = turn right
Arrow key up = move forward
Arrow key down = move backward


Gameplay video: