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Description: Parking Fury 3D

Parking Fury 3D

A new exclusive game ’’Parking Fury 3D’’ is now ready for you. Take a look at our category of games and you will find an explosive parking games that you’ll love. The latest "Parking Fury 3D" is a new challenge for everyone. You can view the hole city by the mini map you have in the left corner. This parking game will require some real parking skills. Your main goal is not get caught by cops in this crowded city. You can dodge them and find that parking lot or you can get busted. Your car will change in a certain level. Another new cool thing about this parking game "Parking Fury 3D" is that you can steal cars from people that are not paying attention to their goods. Be tricky and figure out a way to finish the levels with your adrenaline scattered all over your body. Share our game among your friends and have fun!


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